About us

Strathyre, one of the Salvation Army’s child and youth care centres, is home to 50 girls aged between 3 and 18, who come to us through the Children's Court after suffering varying degrees of abuse, neglect, poverty and/or abandonment.

We try to create as normal a loving home environment as possible for the girls in our care. They all live under one roof in three self-contained wings that have bedrooms, bathrooms and a kitchen as well as a flat for their childcare worker — it’s important that the girls and their caregivers live and interact as a family.

Our girls go to various local schools and participate in sport and other extra-mural activities. We rely on volunteers to assist the staff with supervising homework, playing games and organising leisure activities, as well as holiday outings.

We do everything in our power to help our girls overcome the traumatic circumstances that led to their arrival with us, and every effort is made to get the girls back to their families or communities as soon as possible with the assistance of counselling and aftercare services.

What can you do to help?

We always need volunteers to help the girls with their homework, play games, or even take them out for the day during the school holidays.

We receive a subsidy of R133 000 per month from the government, but it costs us R249 300 per month to run Strathyre, which means there’s always a shortfall.

If you’d prefer not to donate money (the Salvation Army is, however, a Public Benefit Organisation in terms of Section 30 of the Income Tax Act and donations are tax deductible), we can always use toiletries and clothes for the girls.

Account name: The Salvation Army Red Shield
Bank: First National Bank
Branch Code: 25-19-05
Account Number: 5054-0087-604
Reference: STRATHYRE

Help us with our water and electricity bills

As you can imagine, our water and electricity bills are rather high and any financial assistance with paying these utility bills would be most gratefully received.

Host parents

The challenge of host parents remains. It’s difficult for our girls to reintegrate into the community when they leave the home as they often have no previous exposure outside of Strathyre.

If you are interested in hosting a girl for the holidays / for a weekend / take her out for the day, please contact our social worker at (011) 615 7327 for more information.

Add us as a MySchool beneficiary

Did you know that you can have as many as three beneficiaries on your MySchool card? Helping us could be as easy as adding us to your beneficiary list. Go to the Update your profile page and simply type in STR and look for Salvation Army, The – Strathyre Girls to add us to your beneficiary list.

Wish list

Mandela Day 2016

  • High volume printer
  • New computers or laptops for girls
  • Good quality secondhand clothing age 3–18
  • Become a homework volunteer *
  • Become a host parent *
  • Become a mentor to our older girls *
  • Do community service and tutor Maths, Science, English, Afrikaans
  • Help sponsor career assessments for our grade 10-12 girls
  • Help with our internet and IT requirements
  • Donate fruit
  • Donate meat and chicken
  • Donate lunchbox items so our girls can take a healthy lunch to school
  • Donate grocery vouchers for Pick n Pay, Shoprite Checkers or Makro
  • Add Strathyre as your My School card Beneficiary
  • Donate toilet paper
  • Donate toiletries
  • Donate face wash and acne products for our teenagers
  • Donate underwear — new bras and panties please
  • Donate school shoes
  • Donate school bags
  • Donate stationery
  • Donate new linen, duvets and pillows
  • Help us change all our light bulbs to low energy bulbs
  • Donate funds towards our electricity bill
  • Donate funds towards our water bill
  • Donate socks, stockings, scarves and beanies for winter
  • Donate bread and milk towards our daily running costs
  • Help us upgrade and tile our main passage
  • Donate old furniture for resale
  • Donate money to our matric dance fund
  • Donate money to our Youth Training and Education Fund for tertiary education
  • Ask your friends to donate to us in lieu of birthday gifts
  • Help us organise our High Tea Fundraiser "Glam up for Girls"— date and venue TBA
  • Go to our website www.strathyre.org.za and like our Facebook page to stay updated
  • Donate R67, R670, R6700 ......you get the picture!
  • Donate sports shoes and sports equipment such as hockey sticks, netballs, tennis rackets
  • Help service our vehicles that transport the girls (Toyota Quantums)
  • Donate hardware items such as paint, tools etc.
  • SMS Strathyre to 42290 at a cost of R30
  • Donate pocket money for the girls (R20 per girl per month)
  • Donate Dischem vouchers to help us purchase over-the-counter medications for common ailments
  • Offer temporary jobs to our older girls during school holidays to earn extra money and experience
  • Help sponsor a small vehicle for, court appointments, meetings, home and school visits
  • Funding for training courses for our staff/ child-care workers
  • Sponsor branded uniforms for our staff
  • Sponsor driving lessons for our girls
  • Donate African hair products
  • Large trailer with drop-down sides to collect large donations. Currently we have to hire one
  • Replace 4 outside doors and 3 internal double doors
  • Help us maintain our swimming pool with chemical donations and services
  • Donate a Kreepy Krauly
  • Donate magazines for projects
  • Come and do exercise classes with our girls
  • Come and do fun holiday activities with our girls
  • Teach our girls a skill e.g. sewing, art, beading, cooking
  • Sponsor Christmas gifts
  • Sponsor new bedroom cupboards for the girls' rooms
  • Donate 10 thick waterproof covers for single bed mattresses
  • Offer a therapy to our girls e.g. play, art or music therapy *
  • Teach our girls to swim
  • Donate bicycles for our girls
  • Donate study workstations and lamps
  • Donate Casio calculators
  • Retired teachers to assist at homework time
  • Donate secondhand cell phones for senior girls
  • Donate a petrol lawnmower
  • Donate a petrol weed-eater

  • * Requires a Police Clearance Certificate

General needs


  • Meat
  • Bread
  • Cereal, milk and sugar (only for weekends — as a treat)
  • We would love to send each girl to school with a piece of fruit
  • Yoghurt — small 6-packs
  • Items for lunch boxes — small juice, chips, biscuits
  • Eggs — 5 doz per month

Pocket money

  • R20 – R50 per girl per month


  • Stationery (see detailed list below)
  • Shoes and socks
  • Uniforms


  • Aqueous cream tub
  • Dawn Cream 400ml — different kinds
  • Face soap
  • Soft & Free black hair products e.g. shampoo, moisturizer
  • Glyco Lemon shampoo and conditioner
  • Shield deodorant/antiperspirant
  • Shield roll-on
  • Stayfree with wings
  • Sunlight laundry soap
  • Tissues
  • Toilet paper
  • Toilet soap (large bars — 200g)
  • Towels - paper
  • Toothbrushes
  • Toothpaste
  • Vaseline
  • Glycerine bottles- + 200ml
  • Wet wipes


  • Cutlery and crockery x 60 of each (hard plastic — 20 blue / 20 red / 20 yellow)
  • Plastic chairs = 60 (20 blue / 20 red / 20 yellow)
  • Duvets, duvet covers, fitted sheets x 60
  • High volume copier/printer
  • New pillows and pillow cases x 60
  • Waterproof sheets
  • Puzzles (approx 100 pce)
  • Kellogg's Corn Flakes (750g)
  • Books - Story
  • Air freshener

Maintenance & repairs

  • 4 passage doors need to be replaced — weather damaged cannot close
  • Beach/river sand for the sandpit in the play area
  • Children’s play equipment needs to be repaired/replaced
  • We’re in dire need of an industrial washing machine — replacement parts are no longer available for ours
  • Painting, tiling, replacement of carpets, general handyman work
  • Replacement or refurbishment of baths
  • Roof needs repair and repainting
  • Sewerage system need to be sorted over full property
  • Windows need to be replaced


  • A trailer (1.5 or 2 ton) with built-up sides and open top
  • Our people-carrier was stolen. We use it to transport the girls to school, but insurance will only pay out R60 000, so we need to replace it urgently

School stationery

January’s a tough time for all of us financially, but at Strathyre it’s harder than for most as we have to make sure that all our girls have school uniforms and ensure that their stationery requirements are met. If you would like to donate any of the below, we would be most grateful. Please email administrator@strathyre.org.za if you are able to assist.

  • Books - Acct: Cashbook Treble
  • Books - Acct: Journal
  • Books - Acct: Journal Credit 8 Col
  • Books - Acct: Ledger Double
  • Books - Activity / Colouring
  • Books - Examination Pads
  • Books - Hard A4 172 page
  • Books - Hard A4 192 page
  • Books - Hard A4 288 page
  • Books - Hard A4 96 page
  • Books - Hard A5 192 page Feint Rule
  • Books - Hard A5 96 page
  • Books - Hard A5 Index Books
  • Books - Hard A6 Index Books
  • Books - Homework Diary
  • Books - Quad A4 (Blocks)
  • Books - Soft A4 32 page
  • Books - Soft A4 72 Irish page
  • Books - Soft A4 72 page
  • Calculator
  • Calculator - Scientific
  • CDs (RW) (*for CAT only)
  • Cellotape (12 x 33mm)
  • Crayons - Pencil (12 set)
  • Crayons - Wax (12 set)
  • Dictionary - English (Oxford) (* Small)
  • Dictionary - English / Afrikaans
  • Erasers
  • File – Arch lever Narrow
  • File – Arch lever Wide
  • File - Flip Display - 10 Page
  • File - Flip Display - 20 Page
  • File - Flip Display - 30 Page
  • File - Flip Display - 50 Page
  • File - Plastic sleeves
  • File - Portfolio
  • File separators - Set 10 Clear Tabs
  • File separators - Set 1-31 Tabs
  • Glitter
  • Glue - Ponal - Medium
  • Glue - Pritt - Large
  • Highlighter - Blue
  • Highlighter - Green
  • Highlighter - Orange
  • Highlighter - Pink
  • Labels - Plain Blue (24s)
  • Math set
  • Oil pastels (24-set)
  • Paper - Brown
  • Paper - Copier A4 (ream) (*)
  • Paper - Gummed Colour (pack)
  • Pen - Koki (Set)
  • Pen - Correction / Tippex
  • Pen - Black
  • Pen - Blue
  • Pen - Green
  • Pen - Red
  • Pencil (2B)
  • Pencil (4B)
  • Pencil (HB)
  • Pencil Bag - Large
  • Pencil Box - Large
  • Plastic book bags
  • Plastic rolls
  • Ruler - Long
  • School bags
  • Scissors
  • Sharpeners
  • Staplers
  • Staples
  • Watercolour sets